The Devil in My Ear*

There's a pay phone in the hall. Just like there is on every floor. I hear it ringing through the wall, then there's a banging on my door. Somebody yells the calls for me. So I set down this glass of gin. I've got a feeling, yes siree. Trouble's calling me again.

She's pouring honey in my ear. Sweet little lies I long to hear. I'm gonna do things I'll regret. Gonna give more than I get, and watch my money disappear. My common sense should interfere, but she's sounding so sincere. I'll forget what's right from wrong, when I hear that siren's song from the devil in my ear.

77 El Deora
Oblique Americana: Monthly Residential Rates

* From the upcoming 77 El Deora CD now in production.

77 El Deora plays original music in the classic rhythms and themes of western America.