The Fight
The high banking at each end of Daytona International Speedway is over 3 stories high, and at over 200 mph, the centrifugal force is so great, hoods sag under the strain and suspensions compress as if there were a full load of moonshine in the trunk. But that's the least of the pressure.

Donnie and Cale had been at it for more than 3 hours at that point, and Cale was running so close to Donnie's rear bumper that the air was being sucked off Donnie's rear spoiler making the car dance dangerously down the straights.

Coming off turn 2 of the final lap, Cale made his move, pulling to the inside but Donnie blocked him. Cale, however was not to be denied and hit Donnie in the rear. Donnie started to slide out of control but came down and hit Cale back. They hit again and at 200 mph, with less than a mile to go, these two good ole boys were head-on into the wall at turn 3 and sliding down the track to the infield.

Moments later the race was over. Donnie and Cale were out of their cars having a heated discussion when Donnie's brother Bobby pulled up. Bobby has always maintained that he was just checking on his brother but popular wisdom is that Bobby was looking for Cale...

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