Evil and the Electric Guitar

Sinners! Lo, but we are all sinners squirming in the grip of evil! Oh, some fight temptation harder than others but we all know the seductive euphoria of Lucifer's nefarious narcotics. But is wickedness the exclusive domain of mortal man and woman? Can simple objects, the instruments of sin themselves be evil, -or is evil manifested only in the hands of a sinner?

Friends! Consider the insidious electric guitar. Just wood, metal and plastic, but in the hands of a sinner, the electric guitar becomes a powerful tool in the service of Satan. Playing the Devil's music, that Siren's song, the amplified soundtrack of that temple of sin with branches in every town: that shadowy, Pagan, den of alcohol and adultery: the ubiquitous Honky Tonk!

Don't confuse the tools with the trade! No, dear friends. Electric guitars don't damn the sinner. Sin damns the sinner. It's just easier with the proper tools...

77 El Deora
Oblique Americana: Fully Equipped

77 El Deora plays original music in the classic rhythms and themes of western America.