Butterscotch Blonde

Her slender fingers caress the stiff, maple neck, it's fat, sensuous shape like a baseball bat sliced in half lengthwise. Hard and masculine but ending in a curvy, bulbous head decidedly feminine in form, bristling with bright, chromium machine jewelry. It's profile unique and immediately obvious to anyone familiar with it's purpose.

Her perfectly manicured, red-tipped nails glide over the molasses-thick finish, tracing the path of the steel strings suspended under hundreds of pounds of tension over the perpendicular, polished forms of nickel-silver fretwork. The gleaming matrix of 90 degree junctions coming at closer and closer intervals until they cross the massive joint at the base where the neck rudely erupts in all it's glory from the heavy, solid body...

77 El Deora
Oblique Americana: a verbis ad verbera