There's a dead guy floating in the pool. No one important. Just a hack by the name of Joseph C. Gillis. Mr. Gillis it seems, has had a continuing and escalating series of problems in his life, -money problems, career problems, female problems, and they have finally culminated in 3 small, but very deadly ones: one in the stomach and two more in the back.

Now all his problems are over. Everything is calm and peaceful, -except for the crowd of cops, photographers and reporters swarming over this gauche, unkempt mansion in the 10000 block of Sunset. It was a nice place at one time, -back when this curvy part of the road was the southern end of State Route 77, - the El Deora Highway, the same twisted 2 lane that had brought Gillis from Bakersfield to LA.

Hello trouble. Come on in.

77 El Deora
Oblique Americana from the Alto-Nido