Johnny was a two-bit con man with more brass than a strip show band and an infamous reputation with the dames. Unfortunately he had set his sights on pure trouble with Ana, a sexy little number with bedroom eyes and a body that would have melted a metal monkey. All good, but her father, the local police Commander, was a jealous and protective bull who confronted Johnny. Backed into a corner, Johnny was forced to pop the old man and fled the scene but, over confident as always, he didn't run far.

Johnny was losing it. The voice of the Commander had come from a statue on the dead man's tomb, promising payback. Hardly remorseful, Johnny mockingly invited the statue to dinner. Now the vengeful statue is at his door, and the arrogant dope finds himself lousy with freezing cold and dragged off to the 77 fires of Hell.

77 El Deora
Oblique Americana: The Seducer of Seville

Apologies to Molière, Shaw and Byron