Beauty Queen

"Congratulations, baby" she whispered in his ear before pressing her gorgeous mouth to his cheek, leaving a perfect, practiced, beauty queen set of lip prints that would last only half as long as the loopy grin on the rest of his face.

She had to be the sexiest thing that county had ever seen. A virtual Hollywood starlet, right there in the middle of dusty, dirt road nowhere. The most popular girl at school, head cheerleader, homecoming queen, Miss El Deora County two years running, and now TV spokesmodel for her Daddy's car dealership.

Daddy, however, was the real issue at hand. Besides the dealership, Daddy, -and everyone called him "Daddy", owned just about everything else in this insular little burg, and Daddy had plans for his little girl that didn't include a loser with a straw hat and an old Chevy pickup.

77 El Deora
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