Blue Line
Blue. Take the blue line downtown
Blue. Take the blue line downtown
Ain’t no sinner without a future
Ain’t no saint without a past
Salvation’s on sale and the
deals are going fast

Big Jimmy always said, “It’s good to be king”
He had his fingers deep in everything
A taste of this, a little piece of that
Before you know it a man gets fat

Big Jimmy took pride in the good things in life
The house, the car, the boat, the young trophy wife
And as a tribute to his personal flair
He had a statue of himself built down in St Mark’s Square

Blue. Take the blue line downtown

Big Jimmy didn’t go unnoticed upstate
and caught the eye of one Louie the Great
who felt that this was something he might need to contain
So Louie called his right hand man, Rollo Fontaine

Louie said “Rollo, go check this guy out”
“and if we need to take him down just keep my name out”
Rollo headed down state the very next day -Jimmy
Wasn’t gonna like what Rollo had to say

Rollo met with Jimmy at his bar the next night
Jimmy could smell something wasn’t quite right.
Rollo didn’t like Big Jimmy right from the start
And set out to take Jimmy’s little kingdom apart


Big Jimmy woke up just across the state line
The flashlight in his face was not a good sign
He held an empty bottle of Cuervo Gold™
And the girl beside him looked about 12 years old

The troopers pulled Big Jimmy out of his car
They asked him “Jimmy, do you know where you are?”
Jimmy tried but found he was too high to walk
And the teenage girl was too eager to talk

Blue. Take the blue line downtown

Big Jimmy’s trial’s a short and ugly affair
Louie and Rollo made a point to be there
They spared no effort or expense to supply
The finest judge & jury that money could buy

Big Jimmy knew it wasn’t going his way
The case was closed before it opened that day
There were witnesses to things that Jimmy couldn’t recall
And a teenage girl who swore to it all

The sparks are flying down at St Mark’s Square
Dust and smoke and racket fill the air
They’re busting concrete up and cutting through the steel
The king is dead and there’s a brand new deal

Big change has come to Jimmy’s former domain
There’s a new boss in town named Rollo Fontaine
Big Jimmy’s outta stir and workin’ upstate
as the new right hand to one Louis the Great