Bring It On

I asked these morons I call friends
For their best advice
I read the books and searched the net and
Called my lawyer twice
The cost they tell me could be high
They warn me of the price
I’m ready as I’ll ever get So let’s roll the dice

Just bring it on
I’m feelin’ strong
It’s been too long
So bring it on

If it’s true that war is hell
Then love is just a brawl
It always goes so well at first
and then I hit the wall
It’s obvious the ice is thin
And I’m headed for a fall
But it’s better to have loved and lost than
Never loved at all

It’s a calculated risk but I’ll take a shot
Gotta make it count ‘cause it’s all I got

They say our justice system’s weak
and terrorism’s strong
They say we must give up our rights
and speaking out is wrong
We lose the war on our own shore
When we let freedom fall
Givin up freedom for security
Gets neither one at all