Color Me Gone

Take the key to my apartment
- Thereís a week left on the rent
The cash that I poured in that pit
- Could not have been worse spent

Take the stereo and records
Thereís a the brand new tv set
Take it all for all I care
The hell out is what I get

Color me gone ó Iím moviní on
Into the night óGonna drive Ďtil dawn.
Iíve spent my time óIím overdrawn
Iím in the red óColor me gone

Verse 2
Thereís coffee in the cupboard
The fridge still has some beer
If I canít fit it in the trunk
Well, then it is staying here

Thereís two rooms full of memories
But nothing I hold dear
Anything Iíve left is yours
Cuz Iím so out of here


Verse 3
The road tonight is quiet
The horizon beckons me
Two lanes of lonely black top
As far as I can see

Thereís a point out in the distance
Thatís where Iím headed to
Doesnít matter where it is
The change is overdue