Doiní My Part Towards a Broken Heart

Sheís out of my league ó thatís the claim
Still Iím drawn like a moth to a flame
They say itís doomed right from the start
Still Iím pitchiní in to do my part
Itís a self-fulfilling failure prophecy

Itís my own grave that I dug
And all she did was give me a little shove
I dove in head over heels
A victim of my own free will
Like all the hearts she broke before mine

Iím doiní my part towards a broken heart
Setting it up to get blown apart
Sheís the Waterloo to my Bonaparte
You wonít say I didnít try
(When the tears are in my eye)
Look at these numbers ó Look at that chart
Iím doiní my part towards a broken heart

She donít need my help itís true
She could knock me down and leave me sad and blue
But Iím always one to do my share
I give my all ó itís only fair
I just wish the heart we broke wasnít mine


Like a drunkard on a binge
Who can I blame in the bitter end
Donít blame the bottle. Donít blame the booze
Itís my own fate that I choose
No one can claim the blame isnít mine