I may be drunk but I know my own front door
It seems my key dont fit this lock no more
I was only gone a day or so
Well, maybe three its hard to know
But that gal inside is not gonna let it go

Evidently Shes still pretty damn sore
And Consequently- Shes giving me what for
And Incidentally Shes still the one I adore
But Evidently She dont want me anymore

Yeah, Thats my stuff all piled up on the lawn
Guess Ill take a look and see what I can pawn
I guess I should expect the worst
Looks like she must have torched it first
Its all I had and the good stuff is all gone


I tried to phone - I rang it off the wall
But when she hears my name she wont accept the call
I can put together two and two
But as to what to do, I have no clue
Its obvious. Shes serious. Im blue.