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I'm falling, falling, falling
It's the fall that breaks my loneliness
I hear you calling
Reaching out with your sweet caress
Your hand in mine -We'll never part
I'll give my life -With all my heart
I'll never leave and I'll
Follow you anywhere

First floor -in the front door
Everything's so bright and new
Full of promise, tender kisses
And the glow from the words I do
We had the world spread out at our feet
And our life seemed so complete
It's the new love -that's the best love
And ours was so sweet


Second floor -there's so much more
We built ourselves a home
Filled with laughter, and tender moments
From which we'd never roam
Our love was tested every year
But somehow we'd persevere
It's the true love -that's the best love
And ours knew no fear

I guess that nothing lasts forever
And my world came crashing down
The night she died
In my arms
Now my love's
Buried in the ground

Top floor -there are no more
And I just walk right on through
A nicely furnished set of lovely
Empty rooms with a view
As I step off this ledge and into the air
I know you're waiting for me there
You're my true love -we'll start anew love
Forever more