Flat Black

I’d like to have a nice truck
but it would just wind up getting’ stolen
Fresh paint in this hood’s like
flashin’ cash on the street
This tiny place they call a live/work space
comes with no garage
I use urban camouflage:
I painted this beater flat black

Flat black: Honey, just get in
Flat black: Ugly’s not a sin
Flat black: Let’s take a ride
See this town from the other side

I’d like to have a nice place
but nice places tend to get broke in
The trick around here is
lookin’ like there’s nothin’ to steal
This city of gold has a lot I’m told,
but if you get your share you better hide it
There’s 3 deadbolt locks on my door
and a coat of flat black

Flat black: Honey, come on in
Flat black: The door is just a skin
Flat black: It’s warm and safe inside
You just have to step across the great divide
Flat black: It’s just a color of paint
Flat black: to look like somethin’ it ain’t
Flat black: a thin coat of “not there”
Hey, I won’t bite (at least much) I swear