Three Flights to L.A.
Coffee - with cream
She thumbs – a worn magazine
Pooled up - Cabin light
Shade up - She stares in the night
She smells him in her clothes
She tastes the ache and
feels the bite
She's Venus in repose tonight
Three flights to LA

Magick - her dear
He made it - perfectly clear
Do what - thou will
was his - license to kill
Deafened by the hum
Magick faded as magick can
Deviating from the plan
Three flights to LA

They could have made it big
All light -no heat from Augustine
She's fingering the figurine
-tonight -in flight

The damage on the ground
Seems old and scarred
-beyond regrets
The hissing air and sound of jets
-in flight -tonight

Angel - cool gray
Etches - his exquisite decay
on a small screen in- real time
Returns to the scene of the crime
The coast glitters below
Reveals its shape like beads and pearls
Embroidered bays Van Gogh light swirls
Three flights to LA