Is This Gonna Hurt?

This feels so good
It's so long since I
had so much attention
It's been a while
Since I felt a spark
worthy of mention

When you're alone
you don't always realize
That you're lonely
and I've been lonely
My heart is on my sleeve
tell me please
Is this gonna hurt?

Is this gonna hurt?
I can brace myself a little
if I know
Is this gonna hurt?
Though I know that it won't
soften up the blow

I'm not afraid to try at love
and lose
Though I try to appear strong
I still bruise
Before we take this any
further let me choose
Is this gonna hurt?
Is this gonna hurt?
Is this gonna hurt?


I watch your eyes
As your lips pronounce
each word I long to hear
You flatter me
And your flattery
seems so sincere

But my heart
is telling me there's
aching on the way
and I turn away
I know I should beware
but I don't care
This is gonna hurt