I've been out walking in the shadow and light
Just like we used to do each Saturday night. I
retrace the path
-redo the math
and wish that we could have a full rewrite

I deconstruct the work from preface to end
and all the choices we could never defend.
all I could get -aid and abet
all of the capital I had to spend

Rain -Rain is battering the windows
and the room is aglow
as you whisper to me on the radio

Stuck on the tarmac for the redeye flight
Final departure out of Hades tonight
The hours pass
-The showers last
I'm lost in limbo lit by runway lights

I check my messages and find some missed calls
Two from one number but no message at all
I can see the -Caller ID
Says it's the pay phone at
The Wailing Wall


The sky cracked open
since you've been gone
I know it's over
-but the storm plays on

Still the ashes smolder
and the embers flare
the ache hangs heavy
-heavy in the air

Down at The Wailing Wall they're clearing the bar
I cruise the parking lot and look for your car
I drive til dawn
-Maybe you're gone
I get the feeling that
you've not gone far