Thereís a man
who wants to take my place
Heís got his eyes on the prize
Spending money ótelliní lies
And heís headed for my babyís arms

But so am I
and itís turned into a race
Now Iím screaminí down this freeway
And it ainít gonna be no three way
But it may be three alarms

Hiyo óHiyo Silver
Take me to my sweet babyís arms
Letís hope that old rusty chain
Can take a little strain
Hiyo Silver away

10 minutes left
before they close this diamond lane
But Iíve got 12 miles to go
And the trafficís getting slow
And I donít have the 3 dollar toll

Brake lights ahead
Aw, itís stopped up to the bridge
These lanes Iíll be splittiní
Side view mirrors Iíll be hittiní
While Iím watchiní for the Highway Patrol