I Think of You
I knew you when -he left you,
then as your whole world crumbled apart,
I wanted my heart to be the
one to make you whole again.
But we both knew
for me with you
there'd only be room as a friend.
And in the end there'd just be
one more broken heart to mend.

When the lights go down
and there's no one around
I’m deep inside my head
and feelin’ grim
I think of you,
and you think of him.
I think of you - thinking of him

It was so wrong
that you should belong
To someone that treats you that way
and yet you stay
and still I pray you’ll summon
the strength one day
But I bided my time
till you’d be mine
But the time never came
But still the flame
Blackens my heart
and burns my soul away


I hate to do what I need to do
but I’m only thinking of what’s best for you
And I’ll hate myself in the morning
when the cryin’ time is
through but I never will be over loving you

My dreams were sand,
they slipped through your hand
A few grains on an endless beach
But unto the breach
My dear friends, I’d step again