Three Times

When he walks in that door nearly every night
He’s feelin’ pretty low
A couple quick shots of gin on the rocks
Before he’s headed home

For about 20 minutes he’s feelin’ fine
Between shots number two and three
Twenty minutes away from another day
As a disgruntled employee

Around the fourth shot and his second beer
His voice is gettin’ loud
His words are slurred and he can be heard
Above the noisy barroom crowd

His smile gets nasty and his jokes get mean
His fuse is getting short
A scuffle on the floor and he’s shown the door
With a two bouncer escort

Three Times (Three Times)
Three Times (Three Times)
Once for hate
Once for lust
Once for love

Three Times (Three Times)
Three Times (Three Times)
Once for faith
Once for trust
Once for us

She missed a couple days of work last week
But she’s healin’ up real good
Her Mama says she oughta get out of there
But Mama never under stood

So she don’t talk about it with her Mama
Or her sisters or her friends
She wears denial with a smile and keeps a low profile
Whenever she’s on the mend


It’s 1AM when he stumbles in
And appears at the bedroom door
With that look she’s seen
Too many times before

His face is grim and he reeks of gin
She squeezes the handle tight
And thinks to herself that
This may be the night

It’s 6am. The sun’s comin’ up
A cop’s closin’ down the scene
As it comes to an end he says “Move along friends
There’s nothing more here to see

The neighbors say they should’ve seen it coming
The signs were all right there
But who was there to say that it would end this way
And who could help but stop and stare?