Wash Your Hands

Has it been a hard day honey?
Yeah, I’ve had one too.
I just got in the door,
Not ten minutes before you.
Go wash your hands now baby.
Supper is gonna be a while

I’ve spent all day just thinkin’
No, -make that “missin’” you
How I think we’ve found in each other
A love that’s strong and true
Go wash your hands now baby
Supper is gonna be a while

Bridge 1
I got you something special
To show you that I care
Just give me a couple of minutes baby
Then you can come upstairs
Find some quiet music
On the clock radio
Pour us a couple of glasses of wine
And turn the lights down low

Bridge 2
Josephine had Napoleon
Juliet had Romeo
Cleopatra had Marc Antony
Bonnie had her Clyde Barrow
And we have each other
A little nation of two
Undivided —forever united
Just me and you