The job ain’t bad — it pays the alimony
And bought my ex-wife’s lawyer’s daughter her new pony
I work all day like a bee in a hive
At least it keeps me out of the bars till five

I really needed this job when I was really hurtin’
Spendin’ days bellyachin’ and the nights tear jerkin’
For all the rewards, one thing’s certain
The best part of workin’ ain't workin’

Forty hours workin’ and forty hours sleepin’
That’s too much sowin’ and not enough reapin’
I take a long lunch and a double coffee break
Hey they’re shuttin down the line for a Rattlesnake Shake


I got a brand new start on a brand new life
I got a brand new car and a brand new wife
I used my two week vacation and a pile of sick days
Gotta stop by the office — ask the boss for a raise