Western Independent Recordings (WIR 0105)

Maurice Tani / 77 El Deora: Sirens


  w e TRACK LIST    
1. lyric sample (Ain't I a) Handsome Fool?    
2. lyric sample This Record Sucks    
3. lyric sample My Old Address Book    
4. lyric   Bad Boy    
5. lyric sample Is This Gonna Hurt?    
6. lyric   The Devil in My Ear    
7.     3:30 in the Afternoon    
8. lyric sample Lucky Tonight    
9. lyric   The Same    
10. lyric sample Color Me Gone    
11. lyric sample Fire on the Mountain    
12.     Cryn' Over You    
13. lyric   Orange Jumpsuit    
14. lyric sample Wash Your Hands    
15. lyric   Workin'    
X.     Bonus Track    

Maurice Tani: guitar and vocals
Jenn Courtney: vocal
Keith Bahjat: bass
Christopher Fisher: drums
Steve Kallai: fiddle
Dave Gleason: B-bender Telecaster,
Katie Guthorn & Kathy Kennedy: backing vocals, David Phillips: pedal steel guitar
Jim Pugh: piano and organ
Trey Sabatelli: drums


Hillbilly Noir. Bashy. Original. Intelligent. California Country. Electric. Honky Tonk. Twangy. Oblique Americana.